Archiving Emails in Microsoft 365

mockup_osterman-reportThis white paper is addressed to small and medium-sized companies that already use Microsoft 365 or plan to do so. It explains on 13 pages whether Microsoft 365's own features or a third-party solution is the best choice and why.

The Content

  • Why should you, as a Microsoft 365 customer, be interested in email archiving at all?
  • What does Microsoft’s “Shared Responsibility Model” mean for you?
  • Why does your company need an extra email archiving solution if it’s already using data backups?
  • Which native options for email archiving does Microsoft 365 offer?
  • What can these options accomplish and what are their limitations?
  • Why can it be beneficial for you to implement a third-party solution rather than use the native options provided by Microsoft?

Target Group


  • IT managers and administrators, CIOs
  • CEOs and business owners who already use Microsoft 365 or plan to do so