Archiving Emails in Google Workspace

pdf-google-workspaceCloud-based, integrated communication and collaboration environments are becoming increasingly popular in the digital era. Alongside Microsoft 365, one of the best-known products is Google Workspace*.

The Google Workspace software suite comprises a variety of programs (such as Gmail, Google Drive and Hangouts) including Google Vault – an information management tool that supports email archiving.

Archiving is important because it ensures that business-critical information contained in emails remains available and retrievable over time. In certain scenarios, however, Google Vault does not meet all the requirements of a professional email archiving solution. For that reason, companies using Google Workspace would be well-advised to take an in-depth look at Google Vault and assess the possible alternatives.

To give you an overview, our 17-page white paper examines the features and benefits of Google Vault’s archiving function, as well as its limitations and vulnerabilities. It explains:

  • why email archiving should be an important element of your IT strategy,
  • how email archiving differs from backups,
  • the strengths and weaknesses of Google Vault, and
  • why a third-party solution could be the better option when it comes to archiving emails.

The white paper also features a practical check list that highlights the potential requirements so that you can find the right email archiving solution for your needs.

Target Group

  • IT managers and administrators, CIOs, CEOs, and business owners who are already using Google Workspace or intend to do so in the near future

About MailStore

MailStore Software GmbH from Viersen near Düsseldorf, Germany, is one of the world’s leading providers of email archiving solutions. Over 80,000 companies, public authorities, and educational institutions in more than 100 countries have placed their trust in the products of the German specialist. Because we are “The Experts in Email Archiving”.

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*Google Workspace was known as G Suite up to October 2020.